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A combinations of the words 'celebrity' and 'jealous'. The word takes several meanings.

1. Being jealous of a celebrity, be it because of wealth, posessions, experience, or lover.

2. Extreme protectivism over your celebrity of choice. This includes obsession in all forms, ex: collecting pictures, reading all available interviews, watching all TV appearances/movies, and growling at and/or biting anyone who unwittingly hits on your sweetie in front of you.
Damn I am cealous of Brad Pitt; he could get any chick in the world.

SHH!! Don't say Gerard Way is hot in front of Mary; she'll fucking bite you!! She's in love with him more than you, that's why. o_o
by MC Bella January 22, 2007
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1. A form of jealousy. Commonly found in persons who reside in residencies lacking house spirit. Derived from the word 'Cecil'.
2. An emotion that typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over a feeling of inadequacy of one's place of residence when in comparison to Nelson.

Antonym: Nelsonismism
The Stanmore house had a bad case of cealousy.
by The Chapters of Nelson November 09, 2009
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