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Well, it used to be pronounced differently
back when the pit wasn't quite so deep,

to say nothing of the pendulums.
Under the tenets of cattlepitism,
it would appear that material necessities were kept scarce
at the lowest levels
in order to boost profitability for the highest ones.

The invention of electronic blips of currency,
in lieu of the actual minted variety,
made possible the removal of real value
from the commerce of the people who created it
to the digit banks of those who exploit them.

Imaginary funds were rented to the poor
while wavering economic policies
created boom and bust cycles of foreclosure
or should we say 'garage sales' of property
for the moneyed interests who,
having commissioned the rules themselves,
manage to retain their bonuses, even when times are 'tough'
for the people who move more than blips
in the course of their workdays.
by Healing Practitioner17b July 17, 2009
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