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cooked Cat casserole,it's what Australians eat for Sunday lunch along with kangaroo's.
The cat meat should be boiled alive,skinned,diced and fried with onions and garlic and served with chutney until it is browned
It is highy recommended that the dish be left to simmer for @ least five hours before eating.
Aussie drongo Bloke: g'day mate, youse coming over for Sunday arvo barbie and catterole to watch the Footy?
Pommy bastard:no thank you,i'm vegetarian,wheres the dunny?
drango:ok Figjam Whinging Greenie Bastard,the cook not too happy,but No worries mate,that's Fair dinkum,BYO (Bring Your Own)Sanger and XXXX tinnies.
by mohair September 03, 2007
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