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A catholicrican is a female who spends all her spare time volunteering for a predominantly "white" catholic church and catholic school due to the fact that she is divorced and not to mention lack of wealth she is under appreciated and made to feel like she is going to hell, her volunteering is guilt for her divorce and/or her sins. Most catholicrican's have children and are trying to live their faith vicariously through their children (so they don't go to hell like she thinks she is). A catholicrican is usually a young -middle age adult and quite beautiful and does not realize her true value. Anyone who meets this woman outside of church and can get past her befriend her. Most catholicricans are loyal, honest, loving, kindhearted not to mention extradazzlicious in bed!
dont mess with the "catholicrican" manager in my office she can make you go home crying, but then rushes to church you dont get her, but for somereason you love her.
by vivaciousandsexy April 19, 2011
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