Generally, "see you later."

The "flip side" is the reverse side of a vinyl record, a term often used by radio DJs. They might say "I'll catch you on the flip side" to mean they will let a particular album play through, and won't start talking again until they have to change or flip records.

"flip flop" is a variant used originally by truckers to mean a U-turn or the return trip, and may be used instead of "flip side."
Catch you on the flip side. I'm a little beat for my doss, so I gotta go float some zees.
by cat alphonzo December 30, 2008
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I'll see you in the next life/after life if i die doing this dangerous thing i'm about to do.
1. Boondock Saints-"Catch you on the flip side" before he goes into the restaurant and kills 3 guys in it.
2. Tarzan, if i dont make it to the temple of kuakuamakimuno i'll catch u on the flip side. btw watch out for that tree
by Mikey money August 17, 2006
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In the early stages of spaceflight, NASA developed a technique that saved much needed fuel to return space craft back to Earth by using the moon’s orbit like a slingshot. Astronauts in space and ground control would lose radio signal once the space craft makes its way to the “back-side” of the moon and away from line of sight with Earth. They would of course regain radio signal when they reach the other side of the moon (the “flip side”). It was customary for Ground Control to say “Catch you on the flip side” before they would lose radio signal.
The none-space working-class community adapted the phrase as a “good-bye” or “see you later.”

(I’m about to lose contact with you. Time will pass. I’ve re-established contact.)
With that being said: “I’ll catch you on the flip side!”
by The one and only Chewy July 11, 2008
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