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Pants or shorts worn by females that are so tight in the groin area that you can see the labia separating.

Clothing worn by females in order to produce the camel toe effect.
In certain situations this can be highly erotic.
"Those cat cutters she is wearing leaves nothing to the imagination."

"I can't help staring her in those cat cutters!"
by Lixingchen November 02, 2005
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a tight ass pair of short shorts (worn by a seemingly uncomfortable female} that creep all up in her crevices usually from being too damn small or having very large thighs that rub shorts upwards. Side- effects include: perspiration,itching, burning,pulling at the crotch, strange movement of one leg or another, frequent trips to the bathroom, twitching and other weird movements.
"I wonder why Amber left the party walking funny in some denim cut-offs then return later wearing a big smile and black stretch gouchauxs with baby powder residue on them?"
by PRALINE May 02, 2006
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