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I believe that class is more behavior related rather than either social, aesthetic or achievement related. It's displayed by acting appropriately to the situation and treating people with the courtesy, consideration and respect that they have earned, and deserve. It's not measured by wealth, success, accomplishments, or appearance but rather in how one treats others, with kindness, consideration and courtesy. Therefore, someone with CASUAL CLASS is one that may not "look" the part but, more importantly, ACTS it. The one with casual class has manners, tries to be a gentleman/woman at all times, and actually cares what people think about them, even if they don't know each other. They're not self-centered, self-entitled or "look down on others" because of where they were raised or what their last name might be. They don't look down at others. Anyone can look good but not everyone acts good.
The construction worker in ripped jeans and work boots and driving an old beat up pick up truck helps the little old lady across the street while the wall street executive with the designer clothes and the diamond watch and driving the Lamborghini while texting on his smart phone beeps at them to get out of the way because he's late for an important meeting. The blue collar guy is the one displaying "casual class!"
by mjrooster November 07, 2013
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