Castaic is considered to be the northern end of Santa Clarita. This is in debate.

While being the supposed boundary of Santa Clarita, it is also the boundary of civilization in the area. When going north on the golden state freeway, Castaic is the last thing you'll see for 300 miles (literally).

Once in the city of castaic, its always rush hour, no matter what time to go in. You'll always be going 15 mph in 45 zones due to the idiot truck drivers that take so long to make a left turn that by the time its done, it's run 2 red lights while your stuck with the on coming traffic that had to stop for it.
Guy 1: Guess what? I live in castaic!
Guy 2: (gunshot)
Guy 1: Ow! What the hell?
by Robert Wageman November 13, 2007
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A small truckstop town with the dullest group of teenagers you'd be fated to meet. Cookie-cutter families with perfect homes and teenage kids that do nothing but sit around and smoke weed. The drugs are the town's worst-kept secret. Every next door neighbor is a cop.
Person 1: "I live in Castaic."
Person 2: "Great, can I have some pot?"
by TheTrueAndTheStoned April 19, 2011
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A community just north of the city of Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County. Mainly known as a truck stop and for a lake. The community includes several quaint cookie cutter homes, some friendly people, a detention center (jail), and (quiet neighborhoods with exception of a loud Freeway). Many people flock to this community because of its good schools, moderately priced semi-new homes, and also an opportunity to say that they “live in Santa Clarita”, when in fact they don’t.
Person 1: I just bought a home, escrow closes next week:
Person 2: Oh how nice! Where?
Person 1: Out toward Santa Clarita
Person 2: Ooooooh Really!!!???? Where abouts?
Person 1: (sigh) Castaic.
Person 2: Oh...well, that's nice.....I guess
by Alotta Nothin October 29, 2012
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-smallish town about 20 minutes away from "the valley"
-LA county
-mostly whites and mexicans
-go to west ranch high school and valencia
-lots of teens
-10 minutes away from Santa Clarita
-by Town Center Magic Mountain
A:Castaic is so much better than santa clarita, huh?
B:Basicly yeah, but i dont know they seem more spoiled and stuff
A:Yeah true I think we're like the ghetto behind Newhall
B: But not really we're pretty spoiled
A: Oh yeah huh
by abcdefg1234567! December 07, 2007
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