If you have a casta in your life you better keep her ..
She very funny ,outstanding ,smart

Very different she has a smile that lights up the room.. Her name means pure : untouched : virgin , but waits for the right one
Because her name mean pure you can only imagine how much of a freak she is trust me a body that well make you fall inlove.. She just
Smoking hot & personality that unexplainable lets just say casta the full package
Casta is one sexy peace of art work.
by thetruth2654 July 2, 2014
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An Ana Casta is a crazy, loud, hilarious person. She is very smart. She can most likely speak multiple languages and will sometimes blurt out foreign words but thats just Ana Casta being herself. Her laugh is infectious and she will soon have you creasing with laughter. If you find an Ana, be her friend because she is the best friend you will ever have.
“That girl is so crazy and funny.”

“She must be an Ana Casta
by DaBestFriendEver May 7, 2020
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An Inn owned by the ever sexy Corel. It's becoming a future bar/best damned lemonade stand ever.
1. Have you ever been to Casta De Corel? My god, the manager is so sexy.
by Corel July 3, 2003
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She is a monster
Guy1: have you seen that monster
Guy2:she must be casta
by Yas_ November 24, 2021
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