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Cassye is a shy blue-eyed, dirty blonde haired girl with a fiery passion to love that special someone in her life.. She begs for love to last forever.. Will she get want she aches to have..? Their hearts are to collide as one.. Love is to last forever and so shall they. :)
Cassye wants him.. Only him.
by Daddy's cursed kitten December 11, 2016
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She is a hurt, forsaken girl with the passion to destroy her enemies. No one could stand to go against her because they would inevitably lose. Cassye is a strong strong girl, don't test her. The pain in her heart gives her a greater strength than any potion could ever provide. Don't you ever dare hurt this girl. You'll regret it, trust me.
Cassye is queen of your world.
by Daddy's cursed kitten May 12, 2018
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