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The dubbing for a video game company that reiterates a constant cycle that consists of the following:

1) Up and coming developers create a new franchise or reinvigorate an old one.
2) Sales and customer appreciation skyrocket.
3) Corporate part of said company gets wind of profits and insists on destroying parts of the formula that created their landmark success.
4) Company takes a dive, possibly for years, or even goes out of business.
5) If company is left standing after the dust settles, developers can once again make fun games as they don't have to listen to corporate.

This cycle is endlessly repeated in the video game industry, but is blatantly pronounced with Capcom Co., Ltd. After crashing the industry they created by themselves in the late 1990s by flooding the market with overpriced and underdeveloped fighting game sequels, the market remained stagnant until late 2009, and currently enjoys a renaissance that is once again in danger due to greedy business practices.
Street Fighter 4 revived the fighting game industry, but cashcom decided to ruin it again with Street Fighter x Tekken.

Include all of the content of the game on a disc? Shit, we're cashcom, this is a good opportunity to sell some of it as DLC and not tell anyone we really finished it all due to having MASSIVE profits from last quarter!

"I don't know what you guys 'think you know', but spectator mode, working sound, and being able to save replays are very difficult things to code. Cashcom may or may not be able to do these things, but everything comes at a price."
- Christian Svensson
by Megaman's fat box art March 10, 2012
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