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Derogatory term for a vegan or vegetarian who has sex with meat-eaters. The antithesis of a vegansexual.
"I can't believe she's dating that animal-eating guy after the way she's gone on and on about how killing animals is wrong. If her values are that big of a deal to her why isn't she keeping to her own kind? What a carniwhore!
by SaganGathering February 04, 2008
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A whore who has mastered the act of fellatio and is on a dick only diet. In other words a whore who devours the dick.

A combination of the word carnivore and whore.
That bitch is a carniwhore, she fit the whole dick in her mouth.

That bitch is such a carniwhore, she gives the best head.
by Sauga City Serial Killa December 04, 2009
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Someone who is so desperate they turn to employees of carnivals (the sleaziest and easiet of all employee species) for sexual attention
Ashley - I can't believe Shawn is with his new girlfriend at the state carnival
Kayla - Ash don't worry about it
Ashley - No Kayla it's not!!!! I need to find a random guy here to show him that any guy is better than him
Kayla - What are you going to Ashley? Don't do anything crazy
Ashley - How about that guy working at the dart stand?
Kayla - Ewww him, come one girl your way too good to be labeled as a carniwhore
by Derrik Fisher November 19, 2012
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A female that is a walking freak show. Usually has a plethora of tattoos & body mutilations such as chopped, dyed hair & piercings. In ye days of olde, you would pay money at the carnival to gawk at & shame this train wreck (after waltzing by the elephant man). Usually embraced these days as feminist individuality, those in the know will still recognize carnival whores as bargain bin pussy to be avoided.
"Did you see the quotes of wisdom on that carni whore's wrist? Yeah, in cursive and about some sinnner's past. Real original."
by bucknasty43 July 06, 2015
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