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A hilarious,caring, and intelligent girl who is beautiful on the inside and out. She is a great chef and baker. She hates seeing her friends and family be upset and will do anything to see the cheer up. She has a passion for cosplay and a love of marvel and comic books. She also has a strange sense of humor. She is very unique and wacky. If you don't have a Carmynn in your life, I don't know how you're getting through it!! Carmynn is always there for you and will brighten your day as soon as you see her.
Person #1:"hey, have you seen Carmynn? She and I are supposed to head out to see a movie today. I'm pumped!"
Person #2:"LUCKY!!! I wish I was hanging out with Carmynn today, I could use a good laugh."
Person #3:"who is Carmynn?"

Person #1 and person #2:"YOU DONT KNOW WHO CARMYNN IS?!? she is the best, most hilarious person you'd ever meet.!"
by Friday13lover July 04, 2017
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