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Carlyjo is usually defined as gorgeous, quiet, radiant, and optimistic. She has blonde hair and stunning dark blue eyes. She is shy but once you get to know her, she has a witty sense of humor. She can be insecure, but she doesn't usually show it. If you ever know a Carlyjo, you are the luckiest human on earth, once you know her, you never forget her. And her laugh is the best.
"I know a Carlyjo, she is such a great friend and I LOVE her laugh!"
by Shakespeare writer December 08, 2018
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Carly jo is someone who is so cool that they make the other person shit in their pants. They are also very funny causing the above to occur (shitting)
Maddi: OMG! I just shat my pants
Dana: Is Carly Jo around?!?!?!
by ilovevodkaandorange October 26, 2008
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