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Carly Day is a civic holiday on March 3 and is recognized in some areas of Western Canada - but not many. There are ongoing union disputes surrounding the holiday and various lobby groups are struggling to have it recognized as a statutory holiday as celebrations grow larger every year. Most unique part of Carly Day celebrations are the hats. Carly Day hats usually are bright purple visors worn upside down. Some have animal print or rainbow bands and a rat tail like braid that extends from the back - to which people add charms. Each year on Carly Day a new charm gets added to the Carly Day visor. Common symbols on Carly Day visor charms are: vikings, grilled cheese, or the corno portofortuna. It is also customary to only wear hot pants and pink sneakers on this day. Many people gather with family and friends to compose their own Carly Day rap songs.

The historical roots of Carly Day surround the following of comet 209P/Linear though the first celebration of Carly Day is not recorded.
Lisa: "Will you come to my birthday barbecue tomorrow, Chad?"
Chad: "Oooo sorry Lisa. I just can't. It's Carly Day tomorrow. My mom got me a new corno charm and I've got my telescope set up to watch 209P/Linear all night long."
Lisa: "Dammit. Why did I plan my party for Carly Day."
by Jiminy Farmerson June 06, 2014
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