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There are too many things wrong with this boy, he's a heartbreaker, jerk, idiot, unreliable, liar, stupid, etc, but no matter what he did and how much pain he's caused me, I will always love him and hope one day I'll see him again. Idk if you're reading this Carlos Matos but if you are then you probably know who I am. Hint: Liberty Middle, tomato, "hope future wife" hey you told me that remember, and those things you told me "I was the important person", I really don't know if you meant any of that. And when we always got each other mad lol, yeah weird times. The truth is I really do care for you, even when you always make fun of Kaylee, I turn around to give you a dirty look and I always see that you're already looking at me, IDK if you ever liked me back or even cared for me at all, I'm sure you'll show this to your friends... right? like Emiliano?... bc that's what you always do.... I really don't know why I'm doing this, I guess I just wanted you to know.... I love you Carrot
Carlos Matos : the boy who called me crazy
by tomato&carrot=? May 04, 2017
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