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Caramel Spoon is made up phrase said during TheSpeedGamers marathon of Metroid.
It happened during the stream of Metroid Prime Hunter.

Fake definition noted was sticking a spoonful of caramel into unmentionable areas.
"You should make her do a caramel spoon"
"what's a caramel spoon?"
by Kolma August 16, 2008
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Something that happens in tylers pants.
A phenomenon that occurs when donations reach Over 9000. This causes Msico (phil) to shoop da woop and begin charging his lazer. As this is happening, Marrissa recieves a mysterious phone call from a private number. The caller says "So I herd u leik Mudkipz" and hangs up. Marissa does a barrel roll as she faints, just barely missing the blast from phils lazer which has been aimed at tylers weak spot to do massive damage.
Tyler wakes up just in time to grab a shovel that his wife gave him over 500 years ago and deflects the lazer blast, but shrinks the shovel down to the size of a spoon. Tyler is so excited and overcome by adrenaline that he puts his hand back in the pants, still holding the spoon...right as he soils himself.
the result is the fabled...caramel spoon.
"dude, did you hear about the caramel spoon?" asked jim
"Yeah man, i heard there was a whole bowl full!" I replied.
by Baltesj August 17, 2008
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a caramel spoon is a spoon full of caramel

also known as the caramel hair ball or the caramel hair spoon

in other cases it will be a hyper caramel spoon where the galaxy hat and time pants get involved

only 2 people in the world can handle the caramel spoon marissa and tyler

masters of the almighty caramel spoon
"samus could eat a caramel spoon "
by kmmgreen5 August 16, 2008
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