1. a supernatural event where a car approaches and causes delay only when one looks to cross the street or to walk around a car parked next to the curb; while walking along the curb and not crossing the street, cars are not present.
2. may also occur while driving; event where a car approaches one's vehicle only when attempting to move to another lane or when pulling out of traffic.
Ex. 1
Lenny: Darn. Looks like we'll have to walk around the car. Crap, here comes a car. We'll have to wait- again.
Shawn: Jesus! This car phenomenon is out of control.

Ex. 2
Hector: Alright, we have 3 minutes to get to Sarah's house. (signals and looks over left shoulder to check for cars) Not again!
Erin: What's wrong?
Hector: The car phenomenon! The light just turned green and 20 cars are coming. Ugh!
by supernintendo_chalmers April 3, 2006
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