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An unscrupulous practice done by some Southern African safari outfits.

The owner of the outfit will arrange hunting packages with a disreputable travel agent, and give a "hunting safari" to unsuspecting overseas tourists. When the tourists arrive he awes them with campfire stories and gets them drunk on mampoer. The next day the hunt begins. The guides lead the tourists on a convoluted bundu bash around the tiny 100 hectare game farm in such a way that they think it's a lot bigger than it actually is, while pretending to track a lion. Meanwhile, the owner goes off to a game auction and buys a fleabitten, malnourished captive-bred lion. On the last day of the hunt, they finally "find" the lion (which was released from the owner's truck half an hour before). The tourists then shoot their lion, get lots of photos taken, fork out bucket-loads of cash and fly home feeling really macho.
Bystander #1 at Joburg airport:
Look at those yanks in their safari gear. Isn't it pathetic?

Bystander #2:
I bet they're on a canned hunting trip.
by George McBob April 29, 2009
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