Once heard at a Mid-Summer Night's Dream, it has become my favorite word. In modern times it can be interpreted as a herpes sore. Not a very pleasant sight.
That cankerblossom on her lip told me that she got around.
Shne was b eing such a Cankerblossom last week when she slept with that one kid at a party.
by Olathe North March 01, 2009
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a "blossom" of pus that comes out when a canker bursts. Usually used only in Shakespearean plays.
Midsummer Night’s Dream, 3.2.282-284. Herm. “O me! You juggler! You cankerblossom!/ You thief of love! What, have you come by night/ And stol’n my love’s heart from him?”

by KarlatheGreat February 18, 2009
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