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A private all boys catholic high school located in the city of buffalo where rich young men turn into the pricks of American society. These young assholes will soon feel as though that everything should be handed to them and that they are God's gift to the earth. Though they will get their asses handed to them by Bishop Timon, St. Joes, and St. Francis on a regular basis in sporting events, these young men still be believe that they are the best at everything. Students at this high school will go onto prestigious colleges paid for via their million dollar earning fathers. They will also drive around in luxury sports cars thinking they can get whatever girls they can even though they all have little dicks. Commonly referred to as Delaware Daisies, the students of Canisius high school are all douche bags.
Hey look at that kid driving around in the that suped porsche.
Dont mind him hes a douche bag from canisius high school. Look at his bumper sticker it says class of 2013 at Harvard. The only why he got into there was cause his dad paid the dean a lot of money.
by canisius eats butts April 19, 2009
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A Jesuit College Prepatory School in Buffalo, NY. The best in the area. Yes, a large prtion of our school is very wealthy, yes many of the young men attending have very nice autos, and yes, many Canisius men attend the best colleges and universities. Recently Canisius has been excelling in sports, dominating their rival from SJCI. the Hockey and Basketball teams both won their leagues and the first won states as well. Canisius Crew just swept the NY state Championships.
But most importantly, Canisius graduates are succesful men for others. AMDG!
Wow Tim Russert was a great new anchor, where did he get it from?
His father and Canisius High School

Girl: That guy is really nice, although he is really cocky
othe Girl: He goes to Canisius, he has a reason to be.
by Crewsader May 11, 2009
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