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A name of a person that is kind, strong and cares about all of their close friends and family. A person that loves to help and is in love with the meaning of love and being loved by others, that loves to make people laugh and can be amusingly cheeky. Someone that hates feeling used or lied to or to lose someone that means the world to them, in heart and mind, they may be stubborn and at times and well overprotective in order to keep people safe, may be easily annoyed at small things, but tends to tsk then to heart also easily angered and is never afriad to pick a fight, that stands up for herself, has no fear of speaking her mind and shows amazing abilities of leadership and knowledge. That gives great advice to others but has trouble fixing themselves but gives true loyalty to the people they trust.
Girl 1- " did u see Canedia yesterday? ! How she got soo angry when that girl tried to take her guy?"

Girl 2- " yessss of course I did, she's like his own personal security guard"

Girl 1- " well that was her fault, the girl should of known not to mess with her"
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