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Faking the appearance of a disability by walking with or carrying a cane when not needed.

Common and easy to pull off because canes are cheap, and can cost under $10.

Usually done for the following reasons:
-To gain sympathy from onlookers
-To get a physician to declare one disabled
-To obtain a handicapped parking permit
-To be given priority in line or obtain priority seating reserved for the disabled (such as on a bus or train)
-To use electric shopping carts reserved for the disabled when in reality too lazy to walk
-To fraudulently obtain various disability benefits such as discounts or government handouts
I think my neighbor may be committing cane fraud. She sometimes walks with a cane and appears to struggle, and sometimes runs out to her car with no cane as if she is in a hurry to get somewhere.
by Bed time July 26, 2010
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