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A reference to Opium, and/or heroin.

The term was used in Bob Marley's song 'Kinky Reggae'.

In the song he mentions Picadilly Circus (a place in London in the 70's where all types of drugs were widely available, and where Bob was turned on to many different stuff)....

also he says "i went downtown"... popular location to find some nice 0pi as well.

"candy tar all over his chocolate bar"... chocolate bar being some nice high grade hashish.... sprinkling 0pium (candy tar) on a nice indica hash is very synergetic, and i believe Bob was trying to say in the song that he couldn't get addicted to it ("settle down")... just "hit & run", like he just tried it, but then BAM, gotta keep on movingg!!!! yes, it was a nice experience, but he couldnt get fixated on it! But that it was indeed a nice creation of Jah, ("NICE ONE!").....

And 'Ms.Brown' could either be 'brown' cause of the color of the stuff... or she could be "Mr.Brown's" ex-wife? idk... but either way he obviously used "brown sugar" as a metaphor to symbolize how appealing/tempting it looked.... alot of people think brown sugar is heroin, but i dont think bob ever shot up. black tar is smokable though...
Yooo brother, ama be nodding out tonight, care to join the fun? (Insert stoned slack-jawed face here)

- Naaaa, sorry bro. I've had my share of candy tar, but now I got to rideeeeee on!!!!!!! Don't you know I've got to rideeeeeeeee on?!!!!
by psilocybin420 November 20, 2011
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The puss resin that one accumulates on their tool after making 'sweet' love.
He had a Candy Tar, all over his Chocolate Bar. -Bob Marley
by Kanstul Kid November 06, 2006
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