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Like the Irish Car Bomb, but made of all Canadian ingredients. Baileys is exchanged with 100% Pure Maple Syrup. Pour one can of Molson (or other Canadian beer) into a glass. Pour syrup into the bottom of a shotglass. Pour your favourite Canadian whiskey (Canadian Classic or Gibson's are prefered) on top the syrup. Drop the shotglass into the glass of beer and chug. Has a nice aftertaste (syrup) and does not curdle. Enjoy!
For Canada Day, me and my buddies enjoyed a canadian car bomb eh?
by Wehmeier November 16, 2007
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like an irish car bomb, except molsons, labatt blue, moosehead, etc. and a shot of maple syrup... and thats a canadian carbomb folks
by drunkendave September 19, 2009
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