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IPA: kan gab

1. n. Conversation (not always with a stranger) between stalls in a public toilet.

2. v. (plural) To converse while high on drugs in a bathroom.

3. n. Trivial communication (usu. speech), oft. self-rectifying; (adj.) absurd and/or off topic.
1. Listen, jim, I overheard some wicked can gab back there, I think the shit is about to hit the fan!

2. I thought it was just idle can-gab, but then the toilet exploded.

3. I been waitin' for the bathroom for like ten minutes! I'm about to pee myself and all I can hear is those two can-gabbing and giggling like school girls!

4. When they started talking about Luminous Bodies, the crowd thought it was so deep, but it was absolute can-gab.

5. I know it's a seminar, but his question was just so...I don't know...can-gab.
by Zero & Lefty February 08, 2011
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