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Camusi is the name of the coolest, most creative, and most personable person you'll ever meet. Camusis tend to be sarcastic as hell, and are thirstier than a prostitute in the desert. Camusis can be pretty stubborn, but can usually be persuaded. They are entirely too obsessed with the internet, and do endless amounts of reading, making them kind of nerdy. Camusis are passionate, and will never give up on something they start. They're always coming up with new ideas, and things they want to do. Camusis are outgoing and shy at the same time. They will always be there for you when you need them, and they're the perfect friend. If you ever fall in love with a Camusi, then you'll be in love with them forever. You're lucky if they love you in return. Camusis are extremely intelligent, and are probably destined to achieve something awesome. Camusis are respectful, and are the kind of people your parents want you to date. They're extremely funny, and are incredibly witty.
"Hey, that's an awesome YouTube video!"
"Right? Camusi showed it to me."

"I heard you have a new boyfriend/girlfriend?"
"Yeah, his name is Camusi."
"Wow. Congratulations on scoring a Camusi."
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