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A "camptramp" is some bitch that signs up to go on your camping trip so she can fuck all the guys and sleep in their tents. She doesn't bath very much so you just hope she doesn't get to your tent on the last night. Her personality is very laid back and she's dirty in every way possible. She smiles and laughs at everyone's jokes because she secretly has no personality. She likes to camp because she is naturally filthy and the environment is very forgiving for someone with bad hygiene. Camptramps use camping as an excuse to have a loose moral fiber for the weekend and a loose something else...
That camptramp is so rank that we'll have to hide her with the food tonight so the bears don't get us.
by naphse_penguin July 09, 2009
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A toothless one hit hoe that goes to each homeless encampment giving blowjobs and having sex for hits of the pipe or for a place to stay.
Don't mess with that girl Teresa she a camp tramp!
by Shaneathon80 November 22, 2018
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