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Debilitating and humiliating condition brought on by over consumption of alcoholic beverages. A victim of the campbell coma is likely to lose all bodily functions and mental cognition, and may not regain them untill long into the next morning. Campbell coma sufferers are also often the victims of abuse at the hands of nere'do wells who see the campbell coma as an excuse for tomfoolery as well as a blank canvas for degrading body art and often as a photo opertunity not to be missed. Sadly, the condition has yet to be recognised by the medical community, with diagnosis often misconstrued and simplified by physicians; "aye, he's pissed".

See also scoatted
He fell into a campbell coma long before we even knew he had the key to the drinks cabinet.

I'd have to be in a campbell coma to sleep with that.
by Alasdair of Geekdom. June 22, 2005
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