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Campbell is the kind of guy that just makes you smile. Whenever he's not laughing at something he'll be making you laugh. He's the kind of lad that once you know him, every time you crack up becomes a memory. He can sometimes take a sides a lot when somethings going on but when he's on your side he's a bloody legend. Unlike some, campbell can actually take a joke and has an opinion.
E: OMG! did you see that guy?!
C:Yes! he is such a campbell simpson!
by Skreeet July 23, 2018
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Someone who trys there best to impress everyone but fails at his duties with the ladies. He relys on only a few friends to keep him from crumbling down in the popularity chain. Other than that can sometimes be funny. He has a very small penis so he finds it hard to masturbate with his chickens.
jason: *talks to a girl*
*jason walks away*
girl: man, jason is such a campbell simpson.
by manwithabigwilly July 18, 2018
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