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1) the girl that teenage boy forms a relationship with while attending a summer camp. Since camp dating occurs outside of normal parental supervision and in an environment tailored for fun, camp girlfriend relationships are typically more intense and more intimate than regular relationships; participants will often explore and experiment with camp girlfriends in ways they would be too nervous to in a regular relationship. However, due to the brevity of the camp experience, these relationships leave little lasting impression. A well-adjusted teen will rarely mention his camp girlfriend to his regular friends and may forget her name by Halloween.

2) A relationship with any person, event, or idea that is taken up with great passion and fervor, only to be coolly discarded a short time later when circumstances change.
Jared's such a loser, school started a month ago and he's still talking about his camp girlfriend.

Management is making a big deal about the new TPS reports, but it's just their latest camp girlfriend. Nobody will even remember why we needed them in a couple months.
by Rrhoma August 04, 2009
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