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The best place on earth. An all girls Christian camp. You can go for just one week up to the whole summer. There is even a 4 day week for people that are uncomfortable being gone so long. I have gone to mother/daughter weekends, been a camper, and i have even been a staff kid. Anyone in the right mind would love it. You stay in beautiful cabins with girls within a year of your age, and it rocks. I go every year. You learn so much about God. The best thing, though, is that as soon as you enter camp grounds, people are greeting and helping you. You make friends with so many nice girls. Its right in nature, so you smell the pine trees and feel the cool breeze off the clean, cool lake. In upstate NY, New England, and Philly. Also in other places, but i named the first i could think of. The one in NY is in the Adirondacks and is the best one. The counselors will always help, the people are nice, and there is too much awesome to describe. You just need to go there to really experience the full awesomeness. I will name all the good things about it that i can think of off hand: campers, environment, food, activities, counselors, games, tuck shop ( the camp store), the lake, the kayaks and canoes, the exposure, the climate, the area, the cabins, the tents, the buildings, the kindness, the fun, the cost, the ideas, the determination to keep things fresh and fun, the week themes, and everything else. You really just have to go there to experience it.
Meredith: Did you go to camp cedarbrook this year?
Sarah: yes i did! It was awesome!
Meredith: i know my activities were so fun! I went kayaking, did outdoor cooking over a fire, and horseback riding!
Sarah: I went hiking, did drama and performed a skit for the whole camp, and did swimming. I was gonna do crafts and fishing, but they were full. I also wanted to do wilderness exploration, but it was full too.
Meredith: yeah, camp is awesome, i made so.many friends!
Sarah: me too!
by higherthanshit June 26, 2012
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