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Those who pride themselves in owning the most expensive photography equipment and image editing software available yet are not professional photographers. Camerafags are typically far more knowledgeable regarding the latest digital camera bodies, lenses, lighting equipment, and processing techniques than their professional counterparts, however, photography provides little to no income for them. Camerafags typically do their “shoots” for free in an effort to “get their work out there,” share their techniques and shooting secrets on their blogs and forums, and pride themselves in “editing” and watermarking even the quickest of snapshots before posting to their favorite forum or distributing them to friends or family members. It isn’t uncommon for camerafags to have more expensive or sophisticated gear than their professional counterparts or even “beaterdigital SLR cameras that they use when they don’t want to damage their more expensive equipment. A camerafag’s worth is measured by the size of his battery grip or the value of his lens collection. Camerafags are also often considered camera savants among their peers. Interestingly enough, not all camerafags are good photographers.
That guy is such a camerafag, he won't even let me see our photos from our trip to Disneyland until he "edits" them.

Look at the camerafag shooting his daughter's piano recital with his Nikon D3 and $2000 lens. All of the other dads brought their point-and-shoots.
by camerafag January 06, 2010
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