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In this game you have to guess how many camels there are.
It is very simple once you know how to work it out. But the whole point of it is to distract the other person from realising how.
It consists of clicking and clapping, this is how you distract the person, the clicks and claps have NOTHING to do with how many camels there are.
If I decided I wanted to have 5 camels, I would have a series of claps and clicks (the sequence can be of any length, it doens't matter) and then I would say: How many camels are there?
5 words, 5 camels. Simple huh?
The number of camels you have, is the number of words you say after you've finished clicking and clapping.
(Say nothing) - 0 camels
Now? - 1
How many? - 2
How many camels? - 3
How many camels do you think I have? - 8
and so on.

*click click clap click clap click clap clap click clap clap clap* How many camels do you think there are now?
by Complicate July 18, 2005
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