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Camden Catholic is a High School located in Cherry Hill, NJ commonly looked down on simply because of its name. At Camden Catholic you know you're a step above the kids from Paul VI and regardless of your financial status you're ten times better than the students of Bishop Eustace. If you go to CCHS you're probably an alcoholic and/or will be one in the future. If your parents expected you to go to Eustace or PVI tell them to get over - our sports teams are much better. You can get the same education at CCHS as Bishop Eustace. When colleges see "Camden Catholic" written on a transcript they think "phenominal sports teams, wonderful kids" and then they see "Bishop Eustace" and their first thoughts "hey look! it's another kid attempting to get into a college out of their reach! oh those spoiled 'rich' kids!" If you want to attend CCHS, learn some chants. If you're a hater.. fuck you.
by IRISH0six September 07, 2005
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