In a chatroom, Or on msn etc.
You put your cam on, and I'll put mine on
Abbreviated to c4c.
Sometimes people take it far, and go dirty.
But can be used as a means to see have a conversation whilst looking at the person you are talking to, and them in return looking at you.
girl 1:c4c
girl 2: for shure!
*girl 1&2 go cam for cam*

boy: c4c
girl: yeah, no-one else is around
by CaaBaaRaa May 21, 2008
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Someone who doesn’t learn from their mistakes
Dang they did it again? Wow they really are a cam cam
by It’s not what you think!!!! October 29, 2018
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When you're with a girl that'll let you bang her, but because she said your penis is so tiny. She lets you blow a load, but you have to fuck her using a strap on after.
Dude last night I pulled a off "The Cam Cam" does that make me gay?
by Death Punch May 15, 2020
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