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He is an amazing, cute, adorable, soft hearted creature that has a huge soft spot for their girlfriend's. They give good hugs and are really weird but in a lovable way, they love to laugh and can be an extremely caring person, they always need attention and most of the time a kiss on the cheek to give them a little bit of motivation. They are a very supportive person and will always compliment you, they have big brown eyes that you can't stop staring into, its like staring at a new universe, so beautiful and sparkley. They don't like to do a lot, most of they time they just want to relax or hold you in there arms. Be warned though, if you hurt them they will hurt you back, take it from me XD. But they have the most luscious hair, they you just want to play with for ages. They can also be a sexual creature and hit all your g-spots. They are the most caring, loving, cutest, adorableness at its finest, beautiful, sexy, funny and most weirdest person you will meet, so treat them like a god and keep them cause they are everything you need
Girl1: wow calhoum hilarious and so adorable

Girl 2: yeah I want him in my life
Girl1: yeah I'd want to be him
Girl3: Hahaha to late i already have him*evil laugh and cute giggles and snorts*
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by The little weirdo:3 May 08, 2018
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