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Cahmarion is a real ass nigga he fucCs bitches and gets money he is a sexy ass dude who is super confident. When he is not getting money from the females he's on the blocc out here getting turnt. He a loyal ass dude and a tru friend if you need a ride or die homie he's the one u should have
God damn that nigga got a long dicc he must be a Cahmarion
by Free billy July 19, 2016
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a real ass nigga who fuccs bitches and gets money in the hood he has hell street credit because he killed about 1738 niggas every female is trynna make him their baby daddys beacuse his pull out game is hella strong and beacuse his dicc game is on fleek ur mom even says she is trynna fucc on a tuesday also youll catch him in ur house butt ass naked cookin eggs with ur grandma every body needs to know a cahmarion hes unique and handsome
god damn he must be a cahmarion his pull out game is so strong
by kabuuse August 29, 2016
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