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(verb.) When something totally blows up, both literally and figuratively. Thus, can be used to express either the utter failure of something (eg. exam, weekend spent with your new boy/girlfriend, etc.) or when something is destroyed in a very spectacular manner (eg. a star, someone's dignity, etc.)

Were used in the episode of Futurama called 'The Day The Earth Stood Stupid'
The Brain Spawn (dreadful menace of the space-floating brains) are about to destroy the next planet in the lane - the Earth:

Hermes: First, Space Rome collapsed. Then, Don Martin 3 went caflooie. And now Tweenis 12.
Fry: This planet is next in line.
Leela: That's Earth.
Fry: stares cluelessly
Leela: The planet we live on?
Fry: I'd hate to be those guys.
by P4nBobr January 10, 2011
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