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Cackleberry was a well used slang word for egg during the 1950s
How about a couple of boiled cackleberries for breakfast?
by John Wisbey March 07, 2005
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An egg of a chicken or common domesticated fowl
The hen laid a cackleberry today.
I had bacon and two cackleberries for breakfast this morning.
by Emma Chizett November 17, 2006
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cackleberry another word for an egg.

If some one doesn't eat eggs, ask them if they would prefer a cackleberry
"Dear, would you care for another egg?"
" No I would rather a cackleberry"
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A small animated creature that lives in the Village of Oville on the Island of Pax. Not unlike an elaborate Smurf Village. The online game is similar to Club Penguin and Webkinz but for a younger group. Child safety is the goal of this company.
The 51 citizens of Oville include six grownups, ten Cackleberries, a few denizens and a bunch of friends. Cackleberries are born of dormant bird, fish, reptile or insect eggs. Each Cackleberry has an ethnic genealogy but no race.
by Mumbee53 August 09, 2009
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