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popular slang used in chile . it comes from the english word "catch", so it refers to the verb of catching something, but not an object. it can mean different things, like "understand" (catch information), to look at something (catch that image), or just to have knowledge about a subject.

*when talking in second-person, it can appear in the form "cachai". the termination "-ai" is very common in Chile. it`s origins are the spanish language, which ends the second-person form of verbs with the termination "-ais"
1.- No CACHO nada (i dont understand anything)
2.- CACHA la chaqueta de ese weon (look at that guy's jacket)
3.-¿CACHAI matematicas? (sabes algo de matematicas)
4.-¿CACHAI? (do you understand?/do you copy?)
5.- ¡CACHA este video! (look at this video)
6.- no logro CACHAR lo que dices (i can`t get to understand what you are saying)
by cachativo March 15, 2014
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A strongly offensive and vulgar verb that means to fuck in several Spanish countries, particularly in Peru & Chile.

Conjugations include I cacho, He cacha, they cachan, Cacharon (past tense), cacharan (future), cachero (man that fucks a lot), aka cacharsela

Means to catch in some central American countries and Mexico
I love cachar

El se la cacha - he fucks her
by Sa00 July 18, 2010
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