A term for the night before Halloween used in Vermont. This night is referred to as mischief night in many parts of the United States. On Cabbage Night, children who live in rural areas (i.e. the entire state) go out into the crops and collect rotten veggies. Then they go to the homes of prominent people in town: wealthy old spinsters that don't out candy, the town banker who forcloses on family farms, or the fucker that runs the general store. Don't get me started at that sum bitch. He thinks he can get a buck fifty for a fucking pepsi. All he's gonna get from me in a cabbage through the windshield of his Dodge.
by T-Dog Jenkins July 11, 2005
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The best and coolest word used to describe the night before Halloween. Cabbage Night began in the middle ages. People would wrap each others horses with papyrus and throw rooster eggs at their neighbors. It remains today the primary word to describe the night before halloween. Recently, there has been an uprising of anti-cabbage night protesters aka the "Cabbage Deniers." The protesters will soon back down after they experience the force of Cabbage Night for themselves.
Hey Bubba, lets go toilet paper Liz's apartment and show her what Cabbage Night is all about!!! Dang! That sounds like fun!
by Cabbage Commando August 25, 2009
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The night mom cooks cabbage for the whole family and, as a consequence, turns their digestive tracts into a nuclear fart factory, the gas of which permeates the entire household and forces everyone to tear open their windows like delirious fugitives, turn on their fans and spray enough cucumber melon body spray to choke a horse.
*in a sing-song style*

"Yes, it's cabbage night...and my ass ain't feelin' right."
*sprays some cucumber body spray*
*toilet flushes*
*windows open all over the house*
by Belinski April 26, 2017
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