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A face of a bull. Shows anger, that your annoyed, wanting 2 kill something, or showing that you want 2 own a farm with a bull on it.
xxGuy_of_DUDExx says: imma buy that shirt you wanted :P

xxKRAIGY_POOxx says: imma fookin kill u if u do >:

xxGuy_of_DUDExx says: 2 late :/

xxKRAIGY_POOxx says: *sends bull out* c:{

xxGuy_of_DUDExx says: o.O wtf?

xxKRAIGY_POOxx says: muh bull just rendered u unconscious : )

xxGuy_of_DUDExx says: XD owwwwwww
by Kraig Smith September 27, 2008
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It's a cowboy. Or just any guy with a mustache who wears a hat. Variations include : c):{, C):<, C):O, C)B, etc. Essentially, you can take any emoticon and put a hat on it. It's just that the mustache is cooler.
Guy 1: Hey, can you show me how to do a cowboy in text chat?

Guy 2: C):{.

Guy 1: Thanks bro!
by Hiccup251 August 18, 2012
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