Origin: Unknown.
Date: Sometime in the late 21st century.
Alias: Byakko.
Prononciation: Bi-a-ko.
1: A lube.
2: A male prostitute. Mostly used for anal sex.
3: A horny old man, mostly over the age of 40.
4: A male covered lotion, allowing drunken midgets to penetrate him.
1: "Oh my fucking God! Johnny are you using a Byakko?"
2: "Hey, do you need a Byakko? It'll be worth your wild."
3: "Oh! Damn you're fine. Would you let this Byakko secks you?"
4: "Oh damn Jimmy? You sure like those midgets giving you a Byakko."
by ElemenT. June 17, 2006
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