originated in JAMAICA, almost always used to mean police (can also apply to opps, or group of men in general)

exists both in TORONTO AND the UK “slang” as a result of large Jamaican population.
“Ahhh man di bwoy dem shut down the party!”
“He ain’t bout that life, as soon as I run up, he gon call bwoy dem”
by b0dgy4l May 28, 2022
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1) used in the uk to describe police
2) used in uk, birmngham, by bang bang aka burgerbar crew to describe their enemies, johnson crew aka slash

1) yo bwoy dem is comin, lets go now!!!

2) fuck bwoy dem, i dont like dem manz
by the barse man October 12, 2008
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Bwoy Dem is a term that originated in the town of Reading, UK, used to describe the police. (whereas man dem are boys, and gal dem are girls, bwoy dem are the police force). Usually used by Reading's enourmous population of "rude boys" who wear tracksuits and New Era caps at an odd angle, often black but used frequently by white males aswell.
Aaron- where we gunna get the zoot then?"
Jordan- "Shup blud, the bwoy dem are round da corner!"
by xx-dizzy-xx July 22, 2006
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