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A Bwadley is typically a type of boy, usually belonging to a Schmit Schmit.

Bwadleys are most common to having white hair and rotting teeth.

They normally wear army shorts and insist that they are strong enough to push a car that is broken down.

On a normal day A Bwadley doesn't typically enjoy to go to school. It would much rather stay at home and play. Wether its with its wrestlers or even watching its portable DVD player ( That a Schmid has more than likely sold to a Pawn Shop)

A Bwadley diet consists of : Gummy Bears, Gum Drops, Sweedish Berries, Cherry Blasters, Struddles, marshmallow from Lucky Charms. On rare occasions it might eat at McDonalds or even A&W.
Schmit - hehehaha Heres your breakfast BUB. hehehahhhehe

Bwadley- Oh boy I love gummy bears. They don't hurt my teeth!


Bwadley- Hey Bird and Bubbles do you guys have my DVD Player?


Bwadley - I can push your broken car down the street because i'm so strong.

by Smittyism January 08, 2015
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