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A forum member/ online player. Who mostly goes on when he is drunk or to flame game fanboys
nitendo is t3h r0xxors11!!111

buzzard875 then puts them into their place by flaming them
by Craig Buzzard March 17, 2005
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the 875 is an acronym

the '8' of '875' is a number version of 'B' which stands for 'Beyond'

Hence '7' is the number version for t and stands for 'the'

Thus 5 is the number version of S which stands for 'stars'.

A buzzard is a graceful bird of prey that has the momentum, grace and lack of mercy and lots of cunning
So if someone owns you at a game you call them a 'buzzard875' as they must come from beyond the stars if they are so good at the particular game.
by Craig Buzzard March 15, 2005
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