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the guy at the party who takes "buzz killington" to the next level. he's the asshole who knocks into everyone spilling their drinks.. thus earning the name "buzz spillington."

This guy is probably wearing sunglasses inside, and sloshing his drink all over everyone he walks by. He also tells horrible stories that no one cares about.

Or it could be the female version... a hot mess.. who is so sloppy drunk she runs up to hug or kiss everyone causing them to knock their drink all over the place.
oh god buzz spillington here just caused me to slosh my drink all over the place!! what a buzz kill.

who invited buzz spillington to the party?? her skank ass literally has spilled every single one of my drinks tonight.
by bxroo52 June 29, 2010
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kind of like buzz killington, but it's when you're around the guy who constantly is knocking into you spilling your drink. he is not just buzz killington, he has reached a new level of buzz spillington.
god dammit, that buzz spillington keeps knocking my drink all over me!

buzz spillington just spilled my whole beer after flailing his flamboyant arms while telling that super gay story.
by bxroo52 June 26, 2010
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