1. excuse to leave a private party to go get sucked off

2. some mysterious errand johnny goes to do in the middle of the night

3. sneaky segue to go have a private conversation
1. Bro 1: Where u goin bro the party's just starting?
Bro 2: I'm gonna go buy a bag of chips...
Bros 1&2: EXTREME!!

2. Johnny: I have to go run an errand.
Travis (drunk): Bullshit dude we're having a party!?
Johnny (douchey): Fuck you guys I gotta go.
Joe (pretty buzzed): Well bring back some chips!
Johnny: Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna go buy a bag of chips.

3. Well it looks like we're running low on snacks, we're just gonna go buy a bag of chips
by boosh chugger May 27, 2009
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