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buttwagon is an adjective.
It is what you call someone who is annoying and you would like to call them a butt and for emphasize you add wagon.
When your friend won't stop screaming you call them a buttwagon.
by dinkythedino August 22, 2014
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Most commonly associated with a buttock or mode of transport. Can also have multiple other meanings depending on the context of the conversation, and the emotion of the person saying it.
Dude, get your butt wagon off of me!

I can't believe we missed our butt wagon, it's OK though, the next butt wagon is in six minutes.

Ahh! butt wagon!
by Jimeny Snicket March 06, 2012
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a wagon used to transport a butt plug to gigi after she gets done getting her ass pounded by pablos penis
hey chomper when you're done giving your brothers head can you bring me my plug using your butt wagon
by pablo buttrosk June 18, 2008
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